2020 Retrospective

Feb 2nd: I got married! 🤵🏻‍👰‍♀️

Mar 3rd: Learn CV for the first time 😽

Mar 23rd: I made Covid-19 Bot 🦠

Apr 13rd: I made pingpong 🏓

Jul 31st: 1-day making side project 😪

Oct 11st — 12nd: I got 5 certificates from HackerRank

Oct 25th: I made RestFire Studio as Postman alternative 🔥

Oct 29th — Nov 15th: I made 4 online courses 😱

Nov 9th: Found a new hobby! I played chess (again, after 2 years of vacuum lol) 🐴

Nov 18th: I made Progamer open source 🤓

Dec 5th: My hamster has kids! 🐹

Dec 13rd: I made RestFire Extension 🔥




VP of Engineering at Bahasa.ai

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M Gilang Januar

M Gilang Januar

VP of Engineering at Bahasa.ai

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