2020 Retrospective

M Gilang Januar
3 min readDec 30, 2020


This year has many unexpected and f*ck up moments. So, this is my short story for this long year.

Feb 2nd: I got married! 🤵🏻‍👰‍♀️

Mar 3rd: Learn CV for the first time 😽

Mar 23rd: I made Covid-19 Bot 🦠

Apr 13rd: I made pingpong 🏓

Jul 31st: 1-day making side project 😪

Oct 11st — 12nd: I got 5 certificates from HackerRank

Oct 25th: I made RestFire Studio as Postman alternative 🔥

Oct 29th — Nov 15th: I made 4 online courses 😱

Nov 9th: Found a new hobby! I played chess (again, after 2 years of vacuum lol) 🐴

Nov 18th: I made Progamer open source 🤓

Dec 5th: My hamster has kids! 🐹

Dec 13rd: I made RestFire Extension 🔥

That's all, so many unforgettable things here. To be honest, 2020 isn’t that bad at all and only a few people realize it. In 2021 I hope we can survive until this pandemic over and the world returns to how it was before. And of course, I’ll make another unexpected and awesome things again. Happy new year! 🥳🎉