The Art of Conversation

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A human brain seems to have a dictionary of intentions and somehow when people say something, our brain can classify it to an intention. For example, when someone say “Hi” or “Hello”, we can recognize that as a greeting intention.


This is very interesting. An intention from a sentence can change based on what parameters it contains. Look at these 2 sentences:

  • “Did Jokowi win?”
  • “Did Liverpool win?”


Have you ever heard about decision tree? Or watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Unconsciously, we can answer a question or respond to a statement based on a current active conversation context. What is it? Look at these conversations:

  • A: “Hi sir, would you like a cup of tea or coffee?”
  • B: “Coffee please”
  • A: “Sure. Do you want it cold or hot?”
  • B: “Cold”
The decision tree of that conversation


Hmm… I’m still doubtful about this. Because memory is related to context, and we as humans can memorize the active context in a conversation. So, I think our memory is a part of the reasons why humans can understand a conversation.



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